Collectors Vault

Paintings & Drawings

Besides being an accomplished artist, gallery owner, and art dealer, Andre Kohn has been a passionate collector of classically trained contemporary artists. His private art collection is both substantial and extremely valuable. Here in the Vault are a few selected originals from his collection including works by Nicola Samori (Italian) and Mersad Berber (Bosnian), which are now available for sale or exchange.  Please submit serious inquiries only.. .and only for the two artists mentioned above. 

Russian Impressionism (Soviet Realism)

With profound expertise and firsthand knowledge, Kohn’s main focus has been to acquire rare and authentic works from the Russian Impressionist Era. (Soviet Realism 1920-1970). For the first time, he is now offering like-minded collectors a unique opportunity to share a few, museum worthy treasures with others.

Please inquire directly to Andre Kohn for additional information at this address: Email :