Linda Prokop

linda prokop

As a child, Linda Prokop anxiously awaited the Sunday comics each week, not to read them as other children did, but to draw them. She spent hours diligently copying the characters in various poses and facial expressions.

“I was born an artist,” she says. “Even my high school summers were spent developing my art. I worked with other students to develop our own art techniques, and these early efforts netted me a talent scholarship to attend university. They also helped develop a solid set of skills for the future.”

After earning her college degree in Fine Art, Prokop moved to the sculptor-rich community of Loveland, Colorado where she met and worked alongside a talented and successful group of working artists. Part of her time was spent producing bronze sculptures for other artists, from which she developed a valuable proficiency with each phase of the process. Those experiences proved to be the foundation of a successful career. “Bronze sculpture is an extremely elaborate medium,” she says. “Without this exposure early in my career I would never have been able to establish the unique characteristics which comprise my signature style.”

Each work by Prokop tells a compelling story, often based on personal experience or emotions. Common themes are vulnerability, struggle, endurance, and triumph—and she is able to communicate, on a universal scale, the intimate aspects of life. Many of her works are metaphorical and present the viewer with a dual significance. The first is a simple message immediately understood; the second portrays a more powerful interaction. Prokop’s artistic goals are fulfilled when a profound, enduring expression connects the viewer to their own memories and emotions.

Sculpture continues to be Prokop’s medium of choice because it demands her talents be used to capacity, but she has recently returned to oil painting as well, a passion from her youth. The combination of these artistic expressions has sparked a surge of creative energy. “I feel as if I am just beginning as an artist,” Prokop says, “and I especially feel that way now. I’m looking for new heights of creative excellence.”


—– Sculptures —–

Bronze, 10" x 8.5" x 23"
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(SOLD) Bronze, 15" x 7.5" x 8"
Turning Point (SOLD)
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Bronze, 6" x 6" x 27"
Heart and Soul
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Bronze, 21" x 5" x 6"
Blind Leading The Blind
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Bronze, 14" x 9" x 26"
Big Wish
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Bronze, 6" x 6" x 10"
All Heart
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Bronze, 9" x 5" x 20"
Bottom rung
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Bronze, 9" x 8" x 9"
Finish Line
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Bronze, 11" x 7" x 8"
Courage- (SOLD)
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Bronze, 12" x 12" x 12"
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(SOLD) Bronze, 10.5" x 6" x 19"
Amazing Grace- SOLD
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(SOLD) Bronze, 8.25" x 17"
Leader Of The Pack- SOLD
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