Andrey Kartashov

andrey kartashov

Andrey Kartashov was born in Uzhgorod, the ancient capital of Transcarpathia, in western Ukraine. Surrounded by the picturesque slopes of the Carpathian Mountains and majestic open valleys, he developed a special feeling for the world around him. The mossy stones and ancient castles awakened in Kartashov an interest in shape and texture, and finally led him to devote his life to art.

Kartashov graduated with honors from the College of Applied Arts of Uzhgorod in 1995. His senior project was selected as the best project of the year, and permitted him to enroll at the Lvov Academy of Arts without the usual entrance examinations. He also studied at a top academy in St. Petersburg, and became a member of the creative studios of respected Professors Y.M. Neprintsev and V.V.Sokolov.

In addition to numerous honors and exhibitions, Kartasov’s work has been purchased by private collectors and museums around the world. He has been exhibited at the Nicholson Art Museum in London, the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai, National Transcarpathian Art Museum in Ukraine, the Modern Art Museum in Amsterdam, The Methodical Fund of Repin Academy Museum in St.Petersburg, Russia, and the Brodsky Memorial Museum, also in St. Petersburg. Kartashov is held in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, Great Britain, Poland, France, and the Netherlands.

• Participated in an international exhibition by the Russian Academy of Arts, and taught masters classes in China, 2004.

• Admitted to membership in the Russian Artists Union, 2008.

• Commissioned to create a series of paintings with Olympic Games theme for Pivot Point Design Institute in China, 2009.

• Personal exhibition in Sichuan Art Museum during 60th anniversary of Russian-Chinese friendship, 2009.

• Exhibition of “Russian Way of Zen” in Russian Sculpt Art Hall, Shanghai, 2010.

• Exhibition in Shanghai Wen Long Art Museum, 2010.

• Participated in the exhibition “50 Greatest Overseas Artists in China” at Shanghai Wenlon Art Museum, 2010


—– Paintings —–

Oil, 18" x 12"
Old Admiral
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Oil, 19" x 13"
Girl in Blue Hat
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Oil, 23" x 13"
Nude with Venus & Cupid
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Oil, 59" x 35"
The White Queen
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Oil, 38" x 26"
Girl in White
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Oil, 16" x 12"
Girl on Chinese Armchair
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Oil, 20" x 16"
Evening Reading
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Oil, 30" x 24"
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—– Drawings —–

(SOLD) Drawing, 30" x 22"
Old Man With A Dog (SOLD)
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Drawing, 15" x 12"
Guitar Player
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Drawing, 19" X 15"
Resting Ballerina
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Oil, 19" x 15"
Small Gift
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Drawing, 15" x 11"- SOLD
Man In A Beret- (SOLD)
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Charcoal Drawing, 15" x 12"
Guitar Player
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(SOLD) Drawing, 26" x 18"
The Joker- (SOLD)
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