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Andre Kohn Fine Art strives to make a difference in people’s lives by presenting them with an opportunity to enjoy the finest contemporary, Impressionist works by carefully selected and internationally successful artists. Our mission is to make fine art accessible and enjoyable to fine art connouiseurs worldwide. We base our business on trust, knowledge, and the highest quality of art and artists, while providing services to best fit your fine art needs, including complimentary consultations and home installations. Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, the gallery and its qualified staff, provide acquisition and collection expertise to a wide-ranging global base of discerning art collectors.

Our gallery has European influenced fine art portrayed in a modern and worldwide popular style. Andre Kohn Fine Art Gallery is your premiere destination for figurative, contemporary, abstract and impressionist works in Scottsdale. We pride ourselves with representing some of the most talented, and sought after artists on the American art scene today. The collection of artwork encompasses rich and colorful palettes, combined with thick and expressive brushstrokes, and arresting a particular moment in time.

With our commitment to detail, innovation and desire to push new ideas forward, we take pride not only in latest and highest quality art materials we use, but in our custom complex framing as well .
For the production of our unique framing, we hire specialists who carry out each hand movement and work step with the highest level of precision.
With this level of craftsmanship we turn our original works of art into a highlighted feature of your interior design no matter what style you have or space available.
Whether you are a Fine Art connoisseur, or a beginning art collector, we are here to help you grow or expand your private art collection. We work with beginners helping to start a collection as well as connoisseurs providing high level of consulting and continue helping to build a private or corporate collection in  accordance with the highest museum quality standards.

“Fine Art…….  the Ultimate Luxury” Andre Kohn 


Dear Collectors & Buyers:
Please be aware of forgeries claiming to be Original works by Andre Kohn, including Oils and enhanced limited edition Giclées. We have noticed an increase of online reproductions from China, and other overseas locations that DO NOT carry original artwork by Andre Kohn. You can only purchase authentic, original, one-of-a-kind works through the galleries in the United States which represent Andre Kohns work, and through the Westminster Fine Art Gallery, located in the UK. If unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to be sure you are indeed acquiring a true Andre Kohn work of art for your collection, and reassure you of your genuine investment.
Thank you.
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