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The Andre Kohn Fine Art Gallery is an upscale boutique located in the historic arts’ district of Old Town in Scottsdale, Arizona. Without a doubt, it is the premiere destination for original, abstract contemporary and figurative works of art. Our featured collection combines an appreciation for vintage and traditional techniques with a modern and contemporary touch.

Because of the creative mind of the artist and owner Andre Kohn, a handful of like-minded artists have been assembled to offer a unique collection that focuses on truly exquisite art. We strive to make a difference by presenting our clients with the opportunity to acquire the finest selections of Abstract Contemporary, French Impressionist and Figurative works of art available from carefully selected and internationally recognized artists. At the Andre Kohn Fine Art Gallery, we pride ourselves in representing some of the most talented and sought-after artists on the American art scene today.

Our purpose is to educate and expand the appreciation for fine art, while at the same time enhancing the private collections of both discerning and beginning collectors alike. We understand the importance of variety and uniqueness in the purchase of each and every piece.  Without exception, Andre Kohn personally hand selects each work of art to be displayed in the gallery.  We offer our collectors only the best. For those collectors seeking traditional Russian art, we have our own connoisseurs’ vault which includes privately owned Russian Impressionist works dating from 1930-1970 available for viewing and purchasing.

Along with original art, the gallery provides custom services tailored to each client, including private in-home and gallery consultations, digital interior renderings and one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces, a truly unique experience.  Providing the utmost care for our clients’ acquisitions, we ensure professional fine art packaging, framing, expert crating and worldwide shipping. We are truly able to assist with the collecting process from start to finish offering fine-tuned attention and personal assistance.

With our commitment to detail, precision and innovation, we are here to assist in every step of the process, including custom framing and personalized placement, turning original works of art into a highlighted feature in a variety of interiors… regardless of the style or the space available.

Whether you are a fine art connoisseur or a beginning collector, we are here to help you grow and expand your private art collection in accordance with the highest museum quality standards. We want to provide an experience, not simply a purchase.

“Fine Art…….  the Ultimate Luxury” Andre Kohn 


Dear Collectors & Buyers:
Please be aware of forgeries claiming to be Original works by Andre Kohn, including Oils and enhanced limited edition Giclées. We have noticed an increase of online reproductions from China, and other overseas locations that DO NOT carry original artwork by Andre Kohn. You can only purchase authentic, original, one-of-a-kind works through the galleries in the United States which represent Andre Kohns work, and through the Westminster Fine Art Gallery, located in the UK. If unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to be sure you are indeed acquiring a true Andre Kohn work of art for your collection, and reassure you of your genuine investment.
Thank you.
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